Christmas Trees


HOURS: 10am – 4 pm

Last entry to Christmas trees at 3:30pm


Check in at a stand when you get here (see map)

  • Apple, Cider & Doughnut Stand in the parking lot area
  • One of the 2 Christmas tree stands

Here is what to expect:

You’ll have a short walk to the Christmas tree area.  Once there, find your favorite tree and cut it (we can help cut and carry if you need).  Take your tree to a Christmas tree stand (*) pay, tie your tag on a branch at the base of the tree.  Get in line with your tree for your ride back to the parking lot.  Your tree will be baled with net & tied on your car.  The price of the tree covers everything including tax!

Your tree tag is your receipt.  Should you want to contact us about your tree you’ll need it.

Please make way for the tractors!!!


Due to the necessity of wagon interval scheduling it is very unlikely that we can stop to pick up trees in the field – trees will only be loaded on the wagons at the stands.

Our first few hours can be very busy.  You might find yourself waiting for help cutting a tree, wagon transportation, baling and tying the tree on your car… in short, if you are in a hurry, later in the day or in the weekend is a little less busy.

Apple sales continue!





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