Hours have changed to 10 – 4!

The stand will be closed today, Wednesday Nov. 13 because it’s too cold!  Opening again as temperatures get back to being apple friendly.  Check back tomorrow.

At The Stand

 Jonagold, Cortland, Fuji, McIntosh, Macoun, Empires, Mutsu, Red and Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp & Golden Supreme are at the stand, packed and ready to go.

Pick Your Own apples is over for this year.    

Coming soon:

Nov. 29th Cut Your Own Christmas trees starts

Peach, Blueberry & Raspberry Pick Your Own are finished for this year.



 The tractor, an “Allie Cat” – Allis Chalmers B (in the black and white photo) is from 1945.  Same view, 70 years later.


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3 responses to “Hours have changed to 10 – 4!

  1. Ted Bynum

    What superbly delicious peaches! I am so glad I bought a good supply just before the peach season closed. What variety of peach are they (2019)?
    The apples are very good also. (Ruby macintosh.)

    • pclawson

      So glad you liked them! Elberta, Red Skin or “Row 4” (I can’t remember then real name at this moment!). We have about 15 varieties, 2 or so ready at about the same time. We start picking in July and end in mid to late Sept. It was a very good peach season! Glad you enjoyed the Ruby Macs too.

  2. We visited tonight and really enjoyed your Orchards! I just blogged about it if you would like to read it…feel free to share it with others as well!

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