Blueberry and Raspberry picking will begin on July 7 from 9-4!

When you are picking it should be very close to the quiet and productive time you’ve spent here in the past.

There will be changes in checking in and out. Masks must be worn in all places at the farm

The 6′ rule applies to the stand and in the berries.

We will be writing about the details of checking in and out.

There will be hand-washing station in 4 locations.

We will be wearing masks and gloves and sanitizing surfaces through out the day.

Early in the morning it is much busier than the afternoon. If you want extra space consider that time to pick.

We will do our best to keep our staff and you all healthy.

It is a great crop of berries and the peaches are beautiful!

Pre-picked blueberries will be available most of the time!

For the time being we won’t request a reservation or take preorders on line.

More details to follow!


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