Pick Your Own apples!

Cortland, McIntosh, Ruby Mac, Macoun, Empire and Red and Golden Delicious are ripe and ready for  picking.

No need for now to make a reservation for yourself, family or small number of friends.  Please contact us here if you are a group larger than 8.  We’ll have guidelines about parking and checking in. We can not accommodate large groups through our stand.

At the stand Honeycrisp, Cortland, McIntosh, Macoun, Ruby Mac, Gala, Empire  and Golden Supreme are ready to go.


We are sad to say the peaches are gone for the season.


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4 responses to “UP-DATE FOR OCT. 5 – WEAR A MASK PLEASE

  1. Michelle Maguire

    Can we still picnic in the back area?

  2. YAY!!!!
    Excuse me… what a pleasant piece of news. You may expect our presence in the very near future.

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