2021 Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Season

Opening Friday, Nov. 26th, then Saturdays and Sundays until sold out.

There is no shortage of big, beautiful trees.  Most are Balsam Fir.

Friday morning can be very crowded. We ask you to consider coming to the farm later in the day on Friday, on Saturday, or Sunday.

There can be longer wait times at each step.   You may wait for a saw, for a trailer ride, for baling and tying the tree on your car.   Your patience and good cheer will be appreciated.

 Foot and car traffic will be different so please look for directions.

We need space to do our jobs.   Let us load and unload the trailers. Please allow the tractors to pass by on the road and by the stand.

Your tree may have a tractor ride to the parking lot without you! Keep your tree tag with you for I.D. Take a photo of it, just incase.

Finally, we considered a reservation system but made the decision that it would not work for us this year.  We will consider it for next year.

If you come to our stand for apples you are welcome to walk and check out trees. There is no tagging system but you can get an idea of where to head when we open for cutting.

Check back for more information!



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