Checking in, Checking out and everything in-between

Updated for 2021

  • When you arrive for Pick Your Own berries you will check  in at the usual entrance, on the right-hand side of the tents.
  • You can tell us how many quarts of blueberries or pints of raspberries you’d like to pick.  We’ll set up a flat for you with that number of containers.
  • You can request a brand new 1 qt. picking bucket to take into the field with you.  It is yours to take home and bring back to use again.  
  • You’ll need to keep berries with you in the field. 
  • When you’re done picking you will check out and pay for your berries at the far end of the tents.  Coming out of the berries, it is on the right.
  • If you’d like to pick more, you can pay and take the berries to your car and come back to the entrance for more containers.
  • We cannot hand out containers that you’ve returned to us, so please have a good idea of the number you’ll pick.   You can come back to the stand for more!
  • There will be hand-washing stations at the check in, check out and by the Porta-John.
  • Looking for pre-picked berries ?  Come through the ENTER HERE and circle to the left to the exit.   We’ll take care of you there.
  • We hope a mask is not necessary in the field this year.   Please keep 6 feet between you and others
  • Children must remain within arms length caregivers.
  • Please, no pets during summer Pick Your Own berries.