Peaches are on the stand and available for Pick Your Own until the end of September.

Prices:  1 quart containers on the stand for $5.50, 2 quart for $10.50 PYO and stand, 4 quart (1/2 peck) PYO for $18. We often have peach seconds, or b-grade, in a flat for $10. or 1/2 bushel box for $25.  White peaches are available in July.


A beautiful crop of peaches on the trees!

9 responses to “PEACHES

  1. ;uanne luongo

    are peaches still to be picked

  2. ;uanne luongo

    thank you!

  3. f morrison

    so Doe will have no peaches for picking again this year is that right?

    • pclawson

      We would not have anything available for PYO until later in august. We will have our peaches on the stand as soon as they are ready in mid to late July.

  4. lucy

    when will start to pick up peach?

  5. Deb Sullivan

    Do you allow visitors to bring dogs to the orchard? Thanks

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