Will be available at the stand in mid-July through September. Pick Your Own starts in August. This year we are getting to the end of PYO a little early. Peaches will be availble for buying at the stand for a little longer.


A beautiful crop of peaches on the trees!





  1. ;uanne luongo

    are peaches still to be picked

  2. ;uanne luongo

    thank you!

  3. f morrison

    so Doe will have no peaches for picking again this year is that right?

    • pclawson

      We would not have anything available for PYO until later in august. We will have our peaches on the stand as soon as they are ready in mid to late July.

  4. lucy

    when will start to pick up peach?

  5. Deb Sullivan

    Do you allow visitors to bring dogs to the orchard? Thanks

  6. Habeeb Eledroos

    Will there be peaches the trees that we can pick on Saturday, September 19th?


  7. Peter MacGown

    We like to make an annual trip to your orchards but due to covid last year, we pretty much had to stay home. This year is different for us and we had planned to visit this Saturday coming up. Will you be open?
    We don’t typically buy a ton of stuff but we do buy for friends and family. None of whatever we have bought lasts long in our home. I bring it in the house and I turn around once and it’s all eaten.

  8. Christina Jenkins

    How long do you estimate there will be peaches on trees for picking?
    We usually visit late Sept.
    Thank you!

  9. Jan Kendall

    How many peaches am I allowed to pick? What is the cost?

    • pclawson

      We sell a 4 quart box PYO for $20. You can pick as many as you’d like. Right now we are between varieties so it is harder to find them. It should change next week.

      • Jan Kendall

        How many peaches in a 4 quart box? The reason I ask is that we’re looking for some fruits for employees…

      • pclawson

        About 15 to 20 peaches. We are between varieties right now so waiting until next week would be an advantage. We also have a 1/2 bushel box for $35.00 that holds around 50 peaches. We pick them. and sell them at our stand.

  10. Eve

    Will peaches still be available to pick this coming Sunday?

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