THERE ARE NO PEACHES TO PICK THIS YEAR!  In February we had temperatures in the -15 degree range.  The peach blossoms were destroyed.  We are looking forward to next year and a new start!

We have many varieties of peaches, the earliest is ripe in July the last one in mid to late September.

Each variety is ready to pick for only about 1-2 weeks.  Before then they will not ripen properly and after that time they are over-ripe and have lost their sweet flavor.  Here are the “secrets” for picking the best ones:

– First, look for our orange cones marking the rows that are ready to go!

– Not all the fruit on a tree is ready at the same time- The ripe ones will actually “glow”.

– If you press gently on the shoulder (where the stem is) it should give slightly.

– Unlike an apple which comes off easily when ripe, the peach continues to hang on tightly.

Our peaches are planted in rows (one or 2 rows switch varieties 1/2 way down the row.  We’ll mark that for you)

If you picked from the marked row it will ripen for you on your counter!


3 responses to “PEACHES, HOW TO PICK AND MORE…

  1. ;uanne luongo

    are peaches still to be picked

  2. ;uanne luongo

    thank you!

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