Pick Your Own apples!

Cortland, Golden Supreme, McIntosh, Ruby Mac, Gala, Fuji, Jonagold, some Macoun and more, are ripe and ready for  picking.

No need for now to make a reservation for yourself, family or small number of friends.  Please contact us here if you are a group larger than 8.  We’ll have guidelines about parking and checking in. We can not accommodate large groups through our stand.

At the stand Honeycrisp, Cortland, McIntosh, Ruby Mac, Gala and Golden Supreme are ready to go. There’s some honey and some peach jam from the farm too.


We are sad to say the peaches are gone for the season.


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We have our peaches, Honeycrisp apples, McIntosh, Gala and Ginger Golds ready to buy in 1/2 peck bags at the stand. There is honey from our orchard bees and peach jam. Sunflowers and tomatoes will also be available for a little longer.

Pick Your Own apples is good for Gala, McIntosh & Ruby Macs.

Pick Your Own peaches is closed for now. The only variety left is not ripe yet.

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Gravenstein, Ginger Gold, Honeycrisp and Gala Apples

We are reaching the end of the earliest varieties – Ginger Gold and Gravenstein but the Honeycrisp and Gala apples are just about ready.  You can try picking them now.  There will be ripe ones that come off the tree easily.  We will wait a little longer to pick them for the stand.

Peaches, freestone yellow varieties, are available for PYO.  The current variety is to harder to find in the orchard, the next ones are almost ready to go.  White peaches are gone for this year.

You will find the early apples on the stand a while longer with our honey, peaches and maybe some tomatoes! 


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Blues and Yellows

The blueberries are gone!

However, at the stand we’ve got our yellow peaches, honey, sunflowers, tomatoes and jam.

You can pick your own peaches, not quite ripe, but a couple of days on your kitchen counter should ripen them nicely. Ask for how to tell when to pick, and directions to the one ripe variety.

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White and yellow peaches will be available Tuesday and Wednesday. Honey, sunflowers and jam should be at the stand too.

Picking is not looking favorable for blueberries for those 2 days. There are more green than blue ones right now.  Picking will be better by Thursday.
If wind and rain come – though it doesn’t look that way now!- we may stay under the tent but look for us in the stand if the tent is empty!


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Lots of berries to pick

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

They’re big, blue and plentiful, easy to pick and will continue for a while longer.
(Raspberries are finished for this year)

On the stand there are are yellow and white peaches from our earliest varieties, sunflowers, honey from the orchard hives and jam.

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Tuesday, July 21st



We’ll be open on Tuesday through Saturday, 9am – 4pm.

Blueberries are rapidly turning blue.

There should be some raspberries to pick early in the week and

Peaches at the stand.

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Saturday, July 18

It’s not surprising that people would like to get outside, pick berries off the bushes and soak up some sunshine and many enjoyed doing  just that this week. We’ll be open today, Saturday July 18, but think you will find better picking next week.  If you come to pick be ready to hunt for them, looking inside and under the branches.  Please bring your mask to wear and plan to keep your family picking together.

There are so many green berries to ripen in the next few weeks!

Peaches are gone until Tuesday.  As the season progresses we should have peaches every day.  It’s just the beginning!

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Blueberry and Raspberry picking will begin on July 7 from 9-4!

When you are picking it should be very close to the quiet and productive time you’ve spent here in the past.

There will be changes in checking in and out. Masks must be worn in all places at the farm

The 6′ rule applies to the stand and in the berries.

We will be writing about the details of checking in and out.

There will be hand-washing station in 4 locations.

We will be wearing masks and gloves and sanitizing surfaces through out the day.

Early in the morning it is much busier than the afternoon. If you want extra space consider that time to pick.

We will do our best to keep our staff and you all healthy.

It is a great crop of berries and the peaches are beautiful!

Pre-picked blueberries will be available most of the time!

For the time being we won’t request a reservation or take preorders on line.

More details to follow!


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July 7th is the day

Opening for Pick Your Own berries on JULY 7.

There should be enough ripe ones by then to help people spread out in the rows! For now, here are some photos from this afternoon. We’ll be posting more information about how it will work in the next few days.

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