HERE’S THE LIST (in order of ripening) –














30 responses to “APPLE VARIETIES

  1. Cecilia

    When will fuji and red delicious ready to be picked. Thanks

  2. Kim

    Will the Macouns be ready to pick soon?

  3. Hi There, Is tomorrow good time for apple picking?

  4. Rachel

    Do you think fuji’s will still be good on Oct 17?
    Thank you! We love your orchard so much but can’t easily get there until later this year.

    • pclawson

      I hope so! Generally speaking there are always some apples of each variety left on the trees. I’ll post changes in what we’re picking, so check here for updates. Thanks!

  5. Caroline

    When will the last weekend for picking the red delicious??

  6. Caroline

    When is the last weekend for PYO??? Other farms has great deals, like Buy one get one, any discounts???

  7. Jerald Saval

    Are Macoun apples ready yet?

    • pclawson

      We are giving them a few more days. This very cool Fall weather is going to work the magic! I’ll post when we pick them for the stand.

  8. Kimberly

    Hi there, will you be open this Saturday for PYO apples? Thanks in advance!

  9. Cosy

    Still have Fuji and red delicious for this weekend?

  10. Barbara Barozie

    Hi… Wondering when the last date for October picking is and whether there’s anywhere to eat a picnic lunch? Also any other restrictions besides a leash for my corgi???

    • pclawson

      Hi! you and your Corgi may go anywhere. the only other thing we ask is that you clean up after him! There are great places to have picnics but no tables. Picking continues as long as there are apples on the trees and the weather is favorable, usual through Oct.

  11. Any varieties available yet this year (2018)?

  12. Zehava

    will there be apples available the last week of october? (oct 25th ish)

  13. Calista Howden

    What are the prices for apple picking?

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