Apple prices for 2019 are:

1/2 peck on the stand $9.50, peck PYO & stand $18. and 1/2 bushel $32. (this size is Pick Your Own only).

Beginning with Gravenstein and ending with Granny Smith, here are the approximate dates to begin picking.  You can continue picking for a few weeks:

GINGER GOLD              Late August – Ready

GRAVENSTEIN             Late August – Ready

HONEYCRISP                Early Sept. – Ready

GALA                                 Early Sept. – Ready

McINTOSH (white)      Early Sept. – Ready

CORTLAND                     2nd week in Sept. – Ready

FUJI (Auvil)                    3rd week in Sept.

JONAGOLD-silver         3rd week in Sept.

EMPIRE                             End of Sept.

GOLDEN DELICIOUS               “

MUTSU (Crispin)                       “

MACOUN                            Early Oct.

DELICIOUS (yellow w/red) early Oct.

GRANNY SMITH               Mid Oct.

Rows with no variety color are marked with signs.

8 responses to “PICK YOUR OWN APPLES

  1. Austin PerazA


    Can I bring my dog to the orchard to go picking?

  2. Dave

    Hi, will you be open on Colombus Day?

  3. Paula Jewell

    Hi! What U-pick apples are available if we come tomorrow?

    • pclawson

      For PYO they are Empire, Cortland, Granny Smith, and Delicious. There are Macs, Macouns, Jonagold and Fuji as well, they’re just a little harder to find.

  4. gittie leff

    are you open sunday? for a large group(over 100)

    • pclawson

      Hi, We are open daily 10-5. Sorry to say we can’t assure you that there will be parking for your group. We are a smaller orchard (no frills) or large parking fields.

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