Beginning with Gravenstein and ending with Granny Smith, here are the approximate dates to begin picking.  You can continue picking for a few weeks:

GINGER GOLD                                                             Late August

GRAVENSTEIN                                                            Late August

HONEYCRISP                                                              Early Sept.

GALA                                                                               Early Sept.

McINTOSH (white)                                                  Early Sept.

CORTLAND                                                                 Mid Sept.

GOLDEN SUPREME (with green dot)           Mid Sept.  

FUJI (Auvil)                                                                3rd week in Sept.

JONAGOLD                                                               3rd week in Sept.

EMPIRE                                                                         End of Sept.

GOLDEN DELICIOUS                                                      “

MUTSU (Crispin)                                                              “

MACOUN                                                                     Early Oct.

DELICIOUS  (with red dot)                                 Oct.

GRANNY SMITH                                                      Mid Oct.


Rows with no variety color are marked with signs.

26 responses to “PICK YOUR OWN APPLES

  1. Austin PerazA


    Can I bring my dog to the orchard to go picking?

  2. Dave

    Hi, will you be open on Colombus Day?

  3. Paula Jewell

    Hi! What U-pick apples are available if we come tomorrow?

    • pclawson

      For PYO they are Empire, Cortland, Granny Smith, and Delicious. There are Macs, Macouns, Jonagold and Fuji as well, they’re just a little harder to find.

  4. gittie leff

    are you open sunday? for a large group(over 100)

    • pclawson

      Hi, We are open daily 10-5. Sorry to say we can’t assure you that there will be parking for your group. We are a smaller orchard (no frills) or large parking fields.

  5. Carrie

    Hello there! Hoping to come and do some picking this coming Monday, 10/14. Do you still have Honeycrisp available in the orchard?

    • pclawson

      Hi! We started picking Honeycrisp more than a month ago and they are pretty much gone from the trees. We have them at the stand. You will find everything else in good numbers.

  6. Kyehyung lee

    When to start pick up Fuji apple
    Let me know

  7. Anastasia

    Do I need to make a reservation to go Apple picking?

  8. Andy

    Hi you still have honey crisp

  9. Heidi Sugalski

    what is your pricing for apples?

  10. Lauren

    Do you still allow dogs for apple picking?

  11. Julie Kahn

    I’m writing on 11/20 and wondering if you have any apples still picking? I know it’s super late but it’s been such a weird autumn… Thanks, Julie

    • pclawson

      Hi Julie, night time temperatures have been down in the 20s repeatedly so anything left on the trees is no good now. You aren’t the only one one still wondering about picking!

  12. Jerry Saval

    When will Macoun apples be ready this year?

  13. Bob Tepper

    On what date does your season for apple picking end?

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