Prices for Pick Your Own apples for 2017 are $17. for the peck bag & $29. for the 1/2 bushel.

On the stand the 1/2 peck bag is $9.00.

Beginning with Honeycrisp and ending with Granny Smith, here are the approximate dates to begin picking.  You can continue picking for a few weeks:

McINTOSH (marked white)    1st week in Sept.

HONEYCRISP                              “

GALA                                              “

CORTLAND                  2nd week in Sept.

FUJI (Auvil)                  3rd week in Sept.

JONAGOLD                                “

EMPIRE                          end of Sept.

MACOUN                                   “

GOLDEN DELICIOUS             “

MUTSU (Crispin)                    “

DELICIOUS                        early Oct.

GRANNY SMITH              mid Oct.

Rows without a variety color are marked with a sign.

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