Meet the Tractors



Oliver "88"  Orchard Tractor, 1954, diesel

Oliver “88” Orchard Tractor, 1954, diesel

1950 (+:-) International OS4

1950 (+/-) International OS4

1951 McCormack W6

1951 McCormack W6

1943 McCormack Deering O6

1943 McCormack Deering O6

2 responses to “Meet the Tractors

  1. Patty Lynch

    Hi, I’ve been picking apples at Doe Orchards for over 45 years. As teenagers we started as a group, then brought along our children and now our grandchildren tag along. We also pick our Christmas tree each year at your farm. I’ve always received a postcard to remind me about apple picking starting but didn’t receive one this year which included a $ 2.00 coupon on the postcard reminder. My daughter’s family also lives in an apartment in my house and she didn’t receive the postcard w/coupon either? Are you no longer sending out the $ 2.00 coupon postcards?

    We plan on heading up to Doe Orchards this coming Friday 9/21 – I thought I would inquire as I was also checking out your website.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    • pclawson

      Hi Patty, we are so glad you have been coming here over so many years! Though we have not sent coupons out yet, when you get here please ask for Pam . I’ll be happy to assist!

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