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Excellent picking

Blueberries are sweet, plump and ready for picking! Open Tuesday through Saturday from 9-4. Come picking!

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Blueberries are blueing, peaches are plumping and we are looking forward to the start of PYO on July 6th! We’ll be open for Blueberry and Raspberry picking Tuesday-Saturday from 9-4.

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Everything is looking good, so far! Looking forward to seeing all of you after the 4th of July for blueberries and raspberries.

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Closed for the year

It has been a pleasure being on this farm with the good company of many of you who came for some fruit, fresh air and maybe a bit of conversation. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and good cheer. We are optimistic for better times in July 2021 when we open again for the harvest. We’ll try to post news over the winter and spring about what’s happening here.

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The stand is open 10 – 4. Today, Sunday 11/22, is our last day.

We have apple cider, Empire, Cortland, McIntosh and Gala apples at the stand along with colorful gourds for decoration. There are a few boxes left of Apple firewood.

And now, about Christmas trees –

We found ourselves with a difficult choice to make about Christmas tree season and have come to the decision we won’t be open this year. We’d rather not disappoint people but need to consider what is best for all of us. Hope you will come back next year to find an abundance of trees to choose from!

You can check with Massachusetts Christmas Tree Association for a list of tree farms offering cut your own.

Please don’t forget us for next year!

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We are now open at 10 and closing at 4pm.

There are Empire, Macoun, Cortland, McIntosh, Gala, Golden Supreme, Honeycrisp and New England Red Delicious apples at the stand, as well as apple firewood by the bin full.

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Friday, October 30

We won’t be opening the stand today because of the snow! Check back tomorrow.

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Wednesday, Oct. 14

It promises to be a beautiful day. There are areas on the farm with Macoun, Empire, Red Delicious and Cortland still to pick.

They are in limited rows and higher on the trees – picking poles will be very useful!

If you are coming to pick lots of your favorite apples you may find it challenging.  If you’d like to pick a peck while you stroll around it should be satisfying!

On the stand you’ll find our Macoun, Cortland, McIntosh, Empires and Ruby Macs, also Honeycrisp and gourds.  Daily 10-5.  The orchard gate closes at 5.

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October 9, 2020 · 11:45 pm

Apples – update

We are nearing the end of pick your own apples. There are still Macoun, Cortland, Empire, McIntosh, old fashion New England Red Delicious and a smattering of other kinds left on the trees. They are mostly quite high or inside. By the weekend there will be fewer still!

For now you can take a bag into the orchard and see what you can find. The price is by the bag. A peck is $18. and 1/2 bushel is $34. There are no other charges.

There are still many varieties to buy at the stand including Honeycrisp, Gala, Macoun, McIntosh, Empire and Cortland. They are packed in 1/2 peck for $10.

You will need to talk with us if you are thinking of gathering in a group. Our stand and parking areas can not accommodate more than a small family at a time. Masks at required everywhere!

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October 6, 2020 · 2:56 pm


Pick Your Own apples!

Cortland, McIntosh, Ruby Mac, Macoun, Empire and Red and Golden Delicious are ripe and ready for  picking.

No need for now to make a reservation for yourself, family or small number of friends.  Please contact us here if you are a group larger than 8.  We’ll have guidelines about parking and checking in. We can not accommodate large groups through our stand.

At the stand Honeycrisp, Cortland, McIntosh, Macoun, Ruby Mac, Gala, Empire  and Golden Supreme are ready to go.


We are sad to say the peaches are gone for the season.


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